DDivadlo bratří Formanů
(The Forman Brothers Theatre)
“The Double Star Man“

  • Authority
    Jihočeské divadlo, p.o.
  • Production
    MAF-OVA s.r.o.
  • Design
    Josef Lepša, Petr Forman, MAF-OVA s.r.o

Tender specification

Based on the concept and original proposal of the authors of the project Petr Forman and Josef Lepša, to finish and to design a circular construction around the perimeter of the revolving auditorium in Český Krumlov for the performance The Double Star Man of the South Bohemian Theatre. The design must allow the installation of large-scale projection screens for panoramic projection and suspension of the performers.

Project description

The technical solution, design co-authorship and production of circular construction around the perimeter of the revolving auditorium.

Client's statement
Petr Forman

Petr Forman

Divadlo bratří Formanů
Circus director, actor, puppeteer

For our first meeting, Martin and Radim from MAF arrived in Prague by train. One had dreadlocks on his head, the other a skateboard in his hand.

I looked at them and could not wrap my head around the idea of entrusting a million crown project of production of a highly specialised steel construction into the hands of these two punks from Ostrava.

They said they only have “Something bigger than a garage.“ for work. Besides, all we talked about that evening was paragliding, kite flying, climbing and skiing.

In the end, we struck a deal.

We started to work, we measured, cut the iron, welded, and the project went forward at a great pace.

And I was still wondering what‘s up with them? Besides growing confidence in the final product, I enjoy working with them more and more.

The guys are not only driven by a healthy dose of ambition and desire to succeed.

The real powerhouse here is their relation to rocks, to sea, to waves, to the wind and mountains. They approach business with the same energy and drive they find in nature and wilderness. They arealways determined to take on new challenges. In addition to the diligence, craftsmanship, attention to detail and professional attitude of every single MAF crew, the strong team spirit is the the reason behind their ever-growing success. This extraordinary team stick together during the adventurous trips into the the countryside as well as during the production in their engineering and locksmiths workshop...well, I mean something bigger than a garage.

While I watch them work, I always learn some racy regional expressions. Most importantly, their attitude to life reminds me of President Havel wise words - people should not take themselves too seriously, but they should do whatever they do properly. And that is why I enjoy working with them so much.

Keep calm and carry on you punks.
Yours “Praguer“ Petr